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Wool Dryer Balls
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Wool Dryer Balls



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Forget dangerous dryer sheets and make the switch to felted wool dryer balls! Dryer balls replace your need for fabric softener naturally. They also reduce dry time a bit, so be sure to adjust your dryer settings to avoid static. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to each ball before putting in a load to scent your clean clothes. Pick one of our favorites above or get your signature scent here: fragrances / essential oils / special blends / create your very own essential oil and/or fragrance blend!

  • Hand rolled, dyed & felted
  • Eliminates chemicals from your laundry routine
  • Will never fall apart / becomes more felted over time
  • Roughly the size of an orange
  • Scentable with essential oils
  • Safe for cloth diapers
  • Made in USA

Please note, the dryer ball colors will vary but we promise to pick you a cute set!

'I love the wool dryer balls and I put different essential oils on them depending on my mood - just a small way I show myself love and take a moment to check in with myself and my mood. And it reduces my footprint!' - Lindsey B.


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