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The Botanical Co. Scent Roller
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The Botanical Co. Scent Roller



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The Botanical co scent roller

Mini Perfumes | Travel Size Rollerballs

Top shelf scent rollers by our in-store brand, The Botanical Co. are a completely pure sensory indulgence. With ten different options to choose from, these .17 oz scent rollers consist of a top shelf essential oil mixed with a carrier oil of fractionated coconut oil and jojoba oil. These essential oils make for wonderful perfumes that aren't too over powering. The labels on the bottles vary in different colors of our watercolor designs.

Amber is known as a warm, soft resinous scent that is rich and earthy. This amber essential oil is extracted from 35 million year old Himalayan fossilized tree resin! It has smoky, leathery, woody-dry notes with hints of pine and balsamic overtones. Calming and inspiring, it works as a great perfume.

Helichrysum essential oil is a rich, pungent, herbaceous, yet sweet and very diffusive aroma with honey and tea-like, earthy undertones; has outstanding tenacity. This bright and earthy green floral is not only wonderful as a perfume, but can also help bring clarity and relieve stress.

Jasmine essential oil has a combination of deep, intensely sweet floral notes and a very smooth character. It can be uplifting, calming, and romantic, as well as a beautiful perfume.

Neroli essential oil is a refreshing and uplifting scent, combining luscious white floral with a vibrant citrus note. Its sweet, etheric aroma speaks of the delicate orange blossom from where it comes. Neroli also promotes relaxation and is an aphrodisiac.

Orange blossom essential oil is an intensely rich, warm, sweet, heavy and complex floral; yet is also delicate and fresh. The sweetness takes on a green and bitter note in the dry-down and has excellent tenacity. This essential oil can help to stay calm and remain present.

Palo Santo essential oil is a sweet, lively and woody oil with citrus and mint undertones. Traditionally used in spiritual practices, palo santo is said to help rid negative energy. It makes for a unique perfume and is also grounding.

Rose essential oil has a warm, sweet, intense aroma with ripe fruit notes and soft spicy undertones. Known as the symbol of beauty and love, this rose oil is calming, purifying, uplifting, and has excellent tenacity.

Sandalwood essential oil is warm, woody, and sweet with maple/brown sugar notes. Centering and relaxing, this essential oil has been used in spiritual and religious practices for thousands of years. It's great as a subtle and calming perfume.

Tobacco essential oil is a sweet, slightly smoky, rich aroma reminiscent of fine pipe tobacco. It's calming, deep scent can also help relieve stress.

Vanilla essential oil is sweet and smooth with a warm creamy richness. It is an aphrodisiac, as well as calming and balancing, making a classic and sensual perfume.


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