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Stainless Steel Tiffin
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Stainless Steel Tiffin



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Lunch Bento Tiffin Box for Kids & Adults

Stainless Steel Tiffin Set for on the go meal

This Stainless Steel Tiffin Set is the answer to meals on the go, camping, or a picnic. Great for salads, soup, and desserts. Self-latching top container gives you the flexibility to pack just one or take it in its multiple tiered glory.


  • Lid doubles as a plate
  • Great for both cold and hot foods
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


2-Tier Dimensions
Assembled: 5 1/2" H x 6” D (6 3/4" D, including latches) 
Top Unit height: 2 1/2"
Bottom Unit height:  2 3/4” 
Liquid Measurements: 4 3/4 cups, each unit

3-Tier Dimensions
Assembled: 6 3/4" H x 4 3/4" D (5 1/2" D, including latches)
Top Unit height: 2"
Middle Unit height: 2 1/4"
Bottom Unit height:  2 1/2" 
Liquid Measurements: 2 cups, for top and middle units; 2 1/2 cups, bottom unit