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.5 oz Special Blend with Built-In Dropper
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.5 oz Special Blend with Built-In Dropper



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Special Blend Special Blend with Built-In Dropper

Find The Best blend For You

Our special blends of fragrances and essential oils come in a .5 oz amber vial with an orifice reducer inside so that you don't need a dropper. The labels on the bottles vary in different colors of our watercolor designs.

Breezy Blend smells like a day at the beach!

  • plumeria, wild orange, pomegranate, coconut, mango

Earthy Blend is reminiscent of walking through a forest after a rainfall.

  • cedarwood, clary sage, amyris, eucalyptus, rosewood

Fancy Blend is an elegant scent perfect for sipping champagne in the bathtub!

  • plum tea, violet, green tea, champagne, ylang ylang

Flowery Blend is like taking a deep breath in the middle of a flower field.

  • osmanthus, tuberose, magnolia, ylang ylang, melissa

Fresh Blend is light and refreshing, like morning air.

  • bergamot, bamboo, lettuce, coriander, juniperberry

Happy Blend is like a beautiful, sunny day! Uplifting, and puts you in a great mood!

  • blood orange, grapefruit, sandalwood, cardamom, sherbert

Manly Blend has a classic cologne smell with some added spice.

  • cologne, cedarwood, ginger, bay rum, frankincense

Musky Blend is deep with just the right amount of sweet.

  • amber musk, white musk, mahogany, amyris, vanilla

Sleepy Blend will remind you of that moment between awake and asleep when you're relaxed and on the way to good dreams.

  • Lavender, vanilla musk, chamomile, nutmeg, rose

Spicy Blend is complex and full of flavorful scents!

  • patchouli, black pepper, black tea, clove, cinnamon


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